Clarify Your Brand So You Can Launch Your Unique Online Program
     The simple Process To Clarify Your Brand So You Can Build An Authentic Online Presence, Grow An Audience You'll Bond With, And Consistently Secure New Clients For Your Online Program.

*This system works for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Trainers*

The World Is Changing

In-Person Business Is Halted

A lot of businesses have been hit hard with the lockdown that has taken place.

Cashflow has been cut off for many.

Speakers are having to cancel events, and refund attendees.

Feeling frustrated that everything they have built has been taken from them overnight.

And not be able to focus on growing their business and impact.

Many don't know how long their businesses will suffer or the next steps to take.

And we understand how hard and stressful that can be.

The Real Problem Isn't The Lockdown

Feel Like You're Having To Rebuild From Scratch Again? 

With everything going digital, those who have built a brand offline feel like they are on the back-foot.

They have put in so much work to build their in-person business, and now going online feels like they are starting from scratch.

The lockdown has halted a lot of business.

But the real problem is not having the ability to pivot with an online offering.

This is usually because of a lack of presence online.

Meaning no audience, brand, offer or service that can be presented online.

The Perfect Time To Launch Online

There Is A Golden Opportunity

Right now is the best time in history to grow a brand online.

There are more people on social media than ever before.

And more people feeling lost, in need of guidance and support.

Transitioning online may seem daunting, but we know that if done correctly, you can start growing an audience, developing your brand, service, and even start making sales in 4 weeks.

Our process isn't new.

We've been helping people brand themselves online for the past 5 years.

And we have branding down to a T.

We don't just helped people build a brand.

We help them become an icon in their industry

We know that taking the right steps, in the right sequence will get you moving fast.

So you can focus on growing, and get back to creating an impact. 

Featured Creators We've Worked With In The Past

Jay Shetty
Jay Shetty

Lead A Community

Secure Your Business

Make A Difference

If you want to get clarity on the next steps to take to future-proof your brand, and see if we can help you get there, book a free clarity consulting call below.

On this call we will work together and map out what you need to do over the coming weeks to transition your brand online.

If we feel we are certain we can help you actualise this, we may extend an offer to work with us in our Brand Clarity Program.

If not, then you will leave more feeling more clear and in control of the future of your brand.
Book A Call With Our Team So We Can  Help You Clarify How To:
  • Find Your Voice Online
  • ​Predictably Reach More People
  • ​Stand Out In A Crowded Market
  • ​Monetize Authentically & Strategically With Your Program
  • ​Secure New Clients Consistently
Book A Call With Our Team And We'll Help You Clarify How To:
  • ​Share Your Authentic Message
  • ​Find And Grow Your Audience
  • ​Take Your Methodology Online
  • ​Monetise Your Services
  • ​Secure New Clients
Want To Know More About Our 4-Week Brand Clarity Process?
What's Covered In The Program?
The Program is an intensive 4-Week Online Consulting Process, designed to get results at record speed.

Expert Consulting
Brought to you by Corey Johnson and the Influence Society team, our goal is to make this 4-week experience a transformative period that not just takes your business online, but helps you to build the foundations to make a lasting impact in the world. Each week will consist of two calls, totalling 8 calls throughout the 4 weeks.

Limited Spaces
We only offer 10 spaces at a time to keep this experience intimate and as hands on as possible for the best results.

Mastermind Access
Between each call, you'll be assigned tasks to complete to help you get the most out of the experience.

And you will have access to a Mastermind group using Slack, so you can connect with the other Entrepreneurs and our team to have any questions answered and get feedback on any of the assigned tasks.

Session One: 
Crafting Your Brand Story
Purpose: To help you take your story online and tell it to the digital world.
Session Two:
Finding Your Audience
Purpose: To get very clear on who your Audience is so you can attract who you really vibe with and want to work with as a client.
Session Three: 
Your Methodology
Purpose: To get you crystal clear on your process and communicate it to the world so they understand what you do.
Session Four: 
Your Message
Purpose: To create a clear and concise message in the marketplace that allows you to deliver content that attracts your ideal clients in.
Session Five: 
Content Creation
Purpose: To build a content system that build your audience organically and consistently has your diary booked with calls to speak to prospects.
Session Six:
Crafting Your New Offer
Purpose: To find your genius, position it in it's highest value and uniquely package it up into an offer your audience can't resist.
Session Seven: 
Your First Sales
Purpose: To give your frameworks to get your first client(s) to sign up to your offer and get initial case studies for your new program.
Session Eight: 
1-1 Brand Analysis
Purpose: To get a 1-1 review and make sure you have everything in place to fully launch online and keep your growth consistent.
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